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Copperstate Batteries - Arizona`s Largest Specialty Battery Warehouse Copperstate Battery, Inc. is changing the way Arizona thinks about batteries. We provide the highest quality, specialty manufactured batteries made by only the best. We only choose to stock the highest quality batteries on the market. Arizona has one of the most Extreme climates in the country. With temperatures ranging from below 0% to over 115%, it is essential to have a quality battery. That is why discriminating buyers choose Copperstate. We stock batteries for High Performance Audio, Commercial Equipment, Emergency Power, Automotive, Golf Cart, RV/Marine, Solar/Photovoltaic, Wheelchair applications and much, much more! Not only do we carry batteries, but we also carry battery accessories. We have lugs, cleaners, tools, cable, extension cords, battery boxes, quick disconnects, chargers and more. We also make custom cables to fit your needs. Energizer Brand Alkaline, Lithium and Rechargeable batteires also make up part of our inventory with over 12,000 batteries in stock.

Crown Batteries
Exide Batteries
Northstar Batteries
Yuasa Batteries
Chairman Batteries
Concorde Batteries
Lifeline Batteries
Odyssey Batteries
Optima Batteries
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Sun Xtender Batteries
Universal Batteries

Copperstate battery is open to the public Monday through Friday 7 AM - 4 PM (Mountain Time).
For assistance please call 623-907-2255

Copperstate Battery has stood for Premium Quality Since 1928

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